I love seeing my products on your glasses! Share how you use them at your parties with photos and don’t forget to include this hashtag on Facebook so I can find you. #PixieWineCharmsInAction 

 It’s often natural for customers to hashtag a brand’s name when posting a product on social media, so take advantage of this and own your shop name as a hashtag. “Use that hashtag in your posts, and encourage customers to use it through a call to action. Your call to action could be as simple as, “I love seeing my products in their new homes! Share how you use this piece and don’t forget to include this hashtag so I can find you.”You can mention your hashtag in your packaging, Message to Buyers, and Shop Announcement.  When customers use your hashtag, thank them and ask for their permission to repost. It shows there’s a real person behind the business and motivates them to keep coming back.