“When I started my business almost 5 years ago I started it for hosting my own parties. I did it because my parties were pretty large and I had a ton of glasses to wash at the end of the night. My guests would put there glasses down and walk away. When they finally wandered over to get their glass they couldn't remember which one was theirs...hence they would grab another glass. My party of 24 people would now have 48 glasses or more to wash at the end of the night!“

So...wine charms!!! They were very helpful for the stemmed glasses but the glasses without stems, which I prefer as they don't get knocked over easily and spill, were still piling up at the end of the night.  There wasn't alot on the market 5 years ago, so I decided to try all different things to make my own. One day, I finally found the "hit!" Decals! These decals are better than any on the market, at least I think so. You can put anything you want on the decal...Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Mommy's sippy cup, and all sorts of images. Of coarse I can't tell you my exact process because I like to keep my trade secrets to myself, but they are pretty amazing! I will tell you that all of our products are made right here in the USA.

What made me start a business from a simple decal? My friends & my husband! Before I knew it they were all asking me to make some for them! I spent so many hours making them that my husband said why don't you start charging people. My hobby soon became Pixie Wine Charms, Pixie because that was my nick name as a child.  

I first launched a website and 2 months into my business, I found Etsy "The largest  hand-made market place on the internet." I found my home! My wine charm business has morphed into an amazing little business and I have since started a jewely shop on etsy as well as a design shop! 

It's been a long journey but 5 years later I've brought in over $100,000 in sales between all 3 of my shops and I'm currently shipping all over the world. 

My Goals? Well, my goals are to retire from my "real job" at 55. I am a flight attendant for 28 years now. Living in New York is quite expensive even with a dual income household, so I can't leave my airline just yet...maybe in about 7 years. Trust me, I will let you know as soon as that day arrives because it will be a huge celebration in which "Pixie Wine Charms" will be used at the party!

This is just a little about me and how I started. My plan for this blog is to talk about EVERYTHING & ANYTHING! Sometimes it will be about wine charms and other times it will be about everyday topics. I welcome suggestions from my followers as to "fun topics as well. I hope you will come back from time to time to check in on me and see my newest products and current sales. Please like us on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Pixiewinecharms/

I will keep my blog open for comments and questions at least 75% of the time, so feel free to comment! 


Donna Sans-Colón